About Us

Everything began when my significant other lost her employment as a sequential construction system laborer in a wallet production line. The processing plant couldn’t contend with made in China items and needed to give up 200 of its woman workers and close. She at that point took a multi week course in information passage yet at the same time couldn’t get a new line of work. We were very nearly being ousted on the grounds that the lease on our condo was two months behind. My occupation as a cook in a cafe paid next to no and we were both considering finishing everything by self destruction. In any case, I thought before we did that there was one final thing we should attempt and that was selling blossoms on the side of the road.

I addressed a distributer of blossom and disclosed to him my concept of selling blossoms on the side of the road and he said it would work if the blossoms were tulips. A large number of his tulips were consistently at risk for getting shriveled and he said that he could pack 100 tulips in a case and offer them to me for just ten bucks. The following day my better half was at the side of the road traffic signal selling tulips for two dollars each. At the point when I got back to get her toward the day’s end she was perched on the control perusing a paper and there were not a single blossoms in sight. She hopped into my vehicle and joyfully indicated me the 200 bucks she had procured. We at that point understood that we no longer would be poor.

My better half called up a couple of her woman companions that additionally lost their positions when the wallet production line shut. They were all jobless and had no desire for supplanting their positions. They all consented to give me fifty dollars out of their benefits on the off chance that they could sell the blossoms. A couple of days last there were five of us driving along the expressway with a vehicle stacked with boxes of blossoms. I dropped each woman off at a bustling traffic convergence with a case loaded with 100 excellent tulips. The women sold out their blossoms before I returned. It was a period for festivity and we as a whole went to an Italian eatery. I covered the bill and drove the women home.

We purchased an old fifteen traveler van that I expected to grow our bloom business. I had the van painted with huge letters and pictures of bright tulips. The words on each side of the van read: Flower Lady Express and every morning it was stacked with the previous workers of the wallet production line. We have become a rich couple who in the relatively recent past idea that everyday routine was not worth experiencing.